What are the tax advantages of ownership with equity sharing?


  • More money in your pocket, less for the IRS
  • They benefit both the investor and occupier
  • The tax advantages accrue to parents and children best
  • The tax law is well formed in this area


I hate this.  I really do, but since I do not practice law, nor do I hold a CPA license, as a Realtor I can only provide outlines of resources from which to educate yourself and become familiar with the tax advantages of equity sharing.

Below are some articles written by attorneys and CPA’s, as well as links to tax professionals and legal professionals who I recommend.  You will find that in many cases, the information below is so good that if you take that information to your own attorney or CPA, they will have no difficulty helping answer any final questions you may have.  Here then are some resources for this very important topic.


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