Benefits of Equity Sharing

Benefits of Equity Sharing

Let’s look at the benefits of buying a home with another family member.  There are lots of reasons, and lots of benefits.   And when you think about sharing the purchase of a home with a family member, always remember that we’re here to answer every question you might have.


  • Dad and mom can HELP with financing at a time when their children have the most opportunity, and often the least resources.
  • Dad and mom can benefit greatly from treating the purchase as an investment with their children, thus taking advantage of depreciation and other investment tax strategies.
  • Dad and mom can help keep their children in the city or state close to them, particularly in areas where the cost of buying a home is high.
  • Children can concentrate on their family lives, and working hard to earn a living wage, without having to suffer because they don’t have a large down payment.
  • Children can benefit from all the tax advantages of home ownership, including interest deductions, property tax deductions, and the building of their credit history.
  • Children can often live in an environment that is safe and secure, and in an area with which they are familiar.
  • Children will benefit from having the responsibility of home ownership shared by their parents, which is a benefit to both.

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