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by admin on April 16, 2009

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Thursday, May 29, 2008
They do things different in the South

CHECK OUT THIS BLOG. It highlights that they really are different in the South. At least, insofar as Coldwell Banker and their attitude toward the people they represent as sellers.Seems they decided to run a SALE on the homes they have listed. The pitch to the sellers was that they should, for a limited time, reduce the asking price of their homes by anywhere from 5 to 10%. Just do like they do in retail, and people will flock to your homes for a bargain!

Wow, what’s come of the expertise the real estate industy is supposed to have? What’s come of fiduciary duties, common sense, and a real desire to do it right from the beginning? I am not perplexed at this “stunt”, because all of us who work in real estate now know the difficulties. I am not even surprised by this “stunt.” I am, however, angered by it, as it seems that Coldwell Banker in Florida has decided that since their agents didn’t do their job right the first time, i.e. list the home at the correct price up front, they’ll now backtrack and try to make it right. Oh, and in the meantime, perhaps they’ll sell a few homes… a discount.

My client’s homes are not discountable! They are financially too important, and viscerally not a commodity in the normal sense of the word. Don’t bring this “stunt” to my neighborhood. I do all my homework up front, and my sellers depend on me to make the hard decisions then, not in a fire sale later on.

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